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Monday, 19 October 2015


Hello friends! 

I recently have found myself with time off work, as it is approaching a long holiday weekend in my little corner of the world I thought of surprising the Working Man. 

As we were having our nightly conversation I causally mentioned that I happened to have a wee amount of time off and how utterly bored I would be between procrastination and studying for 2 exams (which are pretty much multi choice so no problem there) and he thought it would be a fantastic idea to fly me up and jumped at the chance of being able to see me again. So the 3 month wait turned into just one, frantically searching and booking flights it is just over a week and counting. I'm so excited!

Being spontaneous is such a great feeling and I could definitely hear the change in his voice as it lifted his spirits. Spontaneity doesn't have to mean jumping on a plane to go see a loved one, it can be something simple like writing a letter or a nice note to anyone, it's the small things that count and it is those small things that we remember as we grow older (as I think 'back in my day...'). Even such activities as taking a picnic, nothing fancy, like a few sandwiches and going down to the local park or beach and making the most of your time with somebody special, family or friends, you name it!  Try at least once a week to do something spontaneous for someone, even a small bunch of flowers, I'm sure they will love it. Like I said it's the thought that counts...

What kind of activities do you find fun to do with family and friends? Please share, I'm sure we could all learn something new from one anther. 

Much love from my corner,
SP x 

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