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Monday, 21 September 2015

Snapchat selfie craze!

Hi Guys!

This has been on my mind for the past week now and I have accepted and moved on. But I'd like to share some thoughts on the craze of snapping that has been going on.

I am pretty sure that by now everybody knows about the new filters on Snapachat, from puking rainbows, crying tears to scary faces! I have been bombarded with these since the day the update came out.

Now I'm not a great one keeping up with technology. I only got an iPhone last year, which happened to be from Sister #1 as she got a new one after dropping hers in the toilet (my worst nightmare!) and  her replacement happened to be a 4s and she decide to upgrade, kindly donating the redundant replacement to me.

Now imagine my disappointment when I could not get these filters to work! After consulting a couple of colleagues at work and multiple websites I have resigned myself to the fact that I will be rainbow-puking/ tear-less, unable to scare my fellow snapchaters. But knowing I can now delight in watching others making ridiculous faces makes me feel a little better.

I will not be giving up on Snapchat though, I am dedicated to taking many selfies and many cat pictures! How has it been going for you? Are you enjoying this update, let me know which is your favourite filter?!

 Hopefully, one day soon Snapchat will expand to us old technology lovers.

Just a little thought from SP x

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