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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Smile in Retail...

Hello Friends!

 So i have been working quite a bit over the summer, between sleeping and sorting out preparations for going back to university. Now as you might gather from the blog post title i work in the retail area, a fantastic part-time job I've had for some time now since high school and I'm sure anyone who works in retail has good days and a few not so great ones....

 As i was day-dreaming my way through the hours of "Hello! How are you today?" and "My, what do you think of this weather?" Followed up with a "Hope you are ready for Christmas!?" A little Pondering quietly raised her hand up and asked "How do we deal with customers?"

 On a side note, I'm known at work for my, shall we say 'interesting resting-face'... I'm a shy gal, an introvert, until you get to know me and then i cant keep quiet.

 So  on this particular day i was dreaming along feeling, or so i thought, pleasant. Not  a 'this is a fantastic day!' or even 'im ready to go home right now.' I was in the pleasant middle-ground, until a customer pointed out a need  to 'Smile.' or an "it's not that bad love."

 I'm curious for your thoughts on how you or even others would deal with this situation? Constantly being told to smile - and i do, trust me! Even on those not so fantastic days...

 Is it hurtful? Being told to do something, especially when you are already trying so hard to do so?A reminder that our exterior is slipping and we need to reach for the ladder to pull it back up? Or do  you find comments like this or others helpful?

Leave a comment on how you might deal with a moment like this, especially in different areas of retail.

Just one of the things She Pondered x

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