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Monday, 2 March 2015

Summer to Fall

Hello world!

February has come and gone, gracing us with her lovely weather and we delighting in her presence. Now we begin to breeze into the Autumnal era of March! What a month it shall be!

I have begun my second week of university, how it feels as if nothing has changed and those three/ four months of holidays never existed and summer was all but a dream.

Organisation is the key to my weeks at this point in time and staying on top of work. This includes actually attending tutorials and beginning to plan my essays. But as i mentioned it is only my second week and the night is still young....

On a side note it is my birthday in eight days and i am looking forward to turning 23! I have quite a bit planned, so i look forward to keeping you all posted!

Much love from my corner of ponder,

SP x

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